Our Vision

At inSpiral we are all about celebrating the good things in life – we are about sustainability, the environment, our beautiful planet and the good in people.

Rather than pointing the finger at all the things that are wrong we are about showing you what we think is right – or at least ‘better’.

We’re not about preaching and judgement – we are about encouragement and inspiration. For us the joy in what we do comes from knowing that we are a small part in helping our contemporaries along what we call ‘the shift’ – and that includes us too!

Every however small incremental shift towards more compassion, more awareness, more clarity and more personal and planetary health is clearly a good thing. Yes granted we get impatient with the state of the world just like you and you can see us being vocal about this on our facebook page but generally we believe that much genuine change will come from staying positive and determined. It is time for us to claim the world we want to live in – with passion and integrity.

We strongly believe in the power of positive brands to impact real change in our society. Please follow us on facebook and twitter to hear more about our voice in the world – and thank you for being part of the shift.





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