Our Roots

Much more than products

With a vibrant history in the UK’s creative music scene inSpiral has its roots deeply embedded within a unique cultural slipstream 

…from the green summer festival fields to the kale chips that you now see on the shelves, with a vegan cafe and a few parties along the way…

It all started when inSpiral’s co-founder Dominik came upon the unique and buzzing London underground scene and found his new home away from home. He was fascinated by the diversity of people, the evident willingness to think outside of the box to find solutions the mainstream wasn’t even considering and the heartfelt connections people shared. He soon realised that to have impact here was to become an organiser of events himself – which gave him the opportunity to orchestrate some truly fascinating occasions.

ID Spiral 

An immersive, multimedia chill-out space at UK music festivals

IDSpiral Chillout

IDSpiral was the first organisation that emerged out of this drive and its mission was to bring a vast breadth of differnet genres together in a whirlpool of creativity – designed to stimulate progressive thought and inspire mind and soul. IDSpiral primarily created chillout environments at the UK’s most dynamic festivals, from as large as Glastonbury to smaller and more intimate events such as Buddhafield or Sunrise. Relaxing at inSpiral you might drift from a Scandinavian progressive electronic music producer’s set into a fast moving Butoh performance, be exposed to conscious or political poetry, watch films and documentaries about art and socio-environmental issues or be seduced by the lure of a classical string quartet. At times we also hosted panel debates about current day political subjects – engaging the audience to participate.

Over the years we grew a much loved organic vegetarian cafe alongside the many performances, to nourish the body as well as the mind. It because clear to us that food was far more than simply something to keep us going – but it contains a political, social, environmental and of course nutritional component as well. Much of what is wrong with our world can be seen by looking at the food industry today – so it’s time to make a difference we though.


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inSpiral Lounge

A London hub for the ‘aware’ people about town

Lounge3    In 2007 Dominik got together with his life partner Bella and created the inSpiral Lounge in Camden. This was inspired by a desire to put permanent roots down but also by our passion to share much of the essence of alternative thinking with the wider global community. We felt that serving truly healthy food to those attending alternative festivals was not as impactful as inspiring those who would never consider such choices otherwise. With that intention the Lounge was born and over the course of 8 years become a truly iconic landmark in Camden. in January 2016 we closed this venture down to focus more specifically on all our other fun projects.


Read up on the Lounge and what else we got up to here.





inSpiral Events

An integral part of what we did in the Lounge was our Events – in fact in the 8 years we were in residence in Camden we probably hosted more than 1000 events – at times with globally acclaimed legends of their field. inSpiral events has now become an independent entity from inSpiral the brand and is out there creating brilliant events – check them out here

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inSpiral Visionary Products

The time has come to spread our wings…

Many committed customers and a dedicated network of London health food shops meant that before long some of our most ingenious cafe creations were appearing across the capital.  The company ‘inSpiral Visionary Products’ was born!

Our wholesale business officially launched in 2010 with the creation of our Kale chips range.  We grew quickly moving site twice and increasing in space 6 times!  We now operate our production kitchen out of a warehouse in North East London.  Granola Bites, Crackits, Cakes and Superfoods lines followed. In 2013 we lined the roof with solar panels, achieved organic certification for our products and switched our kale chip packaging to 100% compostable materials.  These new eco packs have been described as a ‘world-first’ in ecological design.

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and then it was sunny!


















Much of this was able to happen thanks to a spring 2013  Crowdfunding campaign which helped us raise £250K within 2 weeks. You can see the pitch for this here:

Now our major lines are in awesome super eco packaging – in line with our ethos and vision.

We are currently focusing all our energy into growing this side of inSpiral but we have many more exciting plans for our future and how we hope to have an impact in this world!  Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear of our adventures and how you can become a part of what we do.



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