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Raw Banana Super Bites


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• 100% organic • 95% raw • vegan • paleo • gluten free • soya free • cholesterol free • trans fat free • no added sugar • 100% natural • no MSG or artificial additives • GMO free •

Sweet bananas, green superfoods, omega-rich seeds, nuts and whole grains make perfect banana granola bites; all slow-dried for optimum nutrition and sustained energy. Each flavour granola bite has its own unique superfood content and the whole mix is dehydrated at low temperatures for a truly optimum gourmet experience.

inSpiral’s Banana Supergreen Granola Bites are the ultimate organic fitness food, complete with seven vegan protein sources. The perfect, guilt-free ‘on-the-go snack’, straight out of the compostable bag
Raw Banana Bites

Ingredients: (*Organic)

  • buckwheat*
  • bananas*
  • dates*
  • sultanas*
  • almonds*
  • sunflower seeds*
  • chia seeds*
  • flax seeds*
  • wheatgrass powder*
  • vanilla*
  • millet*
  • quinoa*
  • spirulina*
  • barley grass*
  • nothing else.

Total Organic ingredients: 100%
Total Raw ingredients: 100%
Processing: Nuts are activated by soaking in filtered water.
The mix is low-heat blended and dehydrated at 45°C or below.

Store ambient, 9 month shelf life. Minimum weight 60g℮

Love your Life  Eat for Vitality  Follow your Bliss

Here at inSpiral, we are most passionate when it comes to optimum nutrition!

inSpiral Organic Granola Bites contain ancient unrefined whole grains and natural dried flavours from fruits, roots and green shoots! You’ll find none of the trans fats or artificial flavours often associated with mainstream sweet treats and other convenience/processed foods and snacks. In fact our finished products are still ‘raw’ because we haven’t cooked/baked them!

Raw food provides the body with enzymes and nutrients that are destroyed once ingredients are heated above 42°C. We think this makes them perfect for children, adults – and just about everyone else!

By producing cutting edge raw snacks, inSpiral hope to allow everybody to experience a happier, healthier life that tastes amazing!

We create our recipes with the aim of achieving optimum nutrition and products that aid digestion. We work hard to research the newest superfood finds and latest nutrition information so that we can bring to our customers, visionary 100% optimum nutrition foods.

  • We use high omega EFA seeds such as flax and chia for our  Banana Supergreen Granola Bites, which are all hand-made in our solar-powered factory, in London!
  • Each pack also contains slow-release carbohydrates like millet and quinoa, which have all been pre-soaked/activated to optimise digestion.
  • When our unique, organic ingredients are air dried at low temperatures, the result is a very delicious, satisfyingly crunchy snack; full of essential fuels.
  • We use no additives or preservatives and so ensure a truly optimum, gourmet experience – complete in a fully compostable bag 

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