Our Environmental Policy

Our personal and very individual health can only go as far as the environment we live in allows us to reflect. The way we relate to our families, our community, our natural environment is so crucial – our sincerity and integrity here will determine the future of the human race. At inSpiral we take this responsibility very serious – and whilst the journey might start with our focus on nutrition and personal health it is ultimately planetary health that we have in mind with our work.


100% of the electricity we consume at inSpiral comes from renewable energy sources. The company we work with is called Ecotricity and is one of the top ranking ethical companies out there. We use a lot of energy due to the nature of our work but we sure try our bit to minimize our usage. We have installed primarily energy saving light bulbs where possible. We employ LED energy saving technology. Most impressively though our warehouse now has the ENTIRE roof full of solarpanels providing power for our kitchen below! We have also innovated a fantastic energy retention system for our dehydration machines.



Our society wastes so much and it has been a shocking realisation how much rubbish even we create. But we are doing our utmost to keep our resources within the cycle of use and not dump it all into landfil – or to look into the rubbish we ourselves are creating! So here is what we do:


We collect all our cardboard, glass bottles, all our cans and all of our plastic bottles. Recycling means recycling.


Most of packaging range is either bio-degradable, recycled or otherwise eco friendly. We are proud to have pioneered the world’s first fully compostable crisp packaging and we continue to drive research and innovation in this area but stubbornly refusing to settle for anything less. Sadly the industry has not quite caugth up yet with our demands but we are making progress, step by step. Read more about our compostable project here.


We try our best to minimise the use of water so all our staff are reminded to do their part in this giant puzzle. Even though it seems to rain a lot in the UK these days we are all aware that water is precious and mindfulness is the key!


Many of our team live in close proximity to the lounge and cycle to work – that’s not possible for all of us but we sure try. We also avoid shipping our goods by airfreight to avoid the unnecessary carbon emissions.


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