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Showing support for elderly vegetarians

vfl_logoIt can be a difficult world for any vegetarian or vegan, especially if not in central London, but it can only get more challenging with age. Currently, there are no fully vegetarian care homes in the UK and a serious neglect for vegetarians exists within care homes.

At first, this might not seem like such a big deal. If there is a vegetarian option, surely they will be OK? But in most cases, the focus is on the meals that include meat, and the vegetarian options are nothing more than an after-thought. The problem becomes more alarming when we consider that elderly vegetarians who get admitted into care homes may not have access to the right nutrients as a result of this neglect. At this point in their lives, a good diet is as important than ever, if not more so.

Numerous Ready_Meal_Guide_Front_Covercases of people enjoying youthful and joyous lives long into old age as a result of a vegetarian/ vegan diet have emerged over the years. It may in fact be the consumption of animal products that directly and indirectly cause such steep declines in health for much of the older generation. With that in mind – shouldn’t we reward vegetarians and vegans who have made it into old age? Not treat them like an inconvenience. The charity Vegetarian For Life is aligned with this vision.


A charity supporting older vegetarians

Starting out providing sheltered housing and meals for older vegetarians in the 1960s, they evolved into a charity that aims to improve the standard of vegetarian and vegan catering in care homes. With famous vegetarian chef, Rose Elliot, as one of their patrons they work in many ways:

Firstly by promoting the UK list, a directory of care facilities and food suppliers that follow VFL’s best practice guide. The list is an established listing of veggie-friendly care homes and other services that cater for older people. This directory is free to access and should serve as an invaluable resource for those with older relatives who are vegetarian.

As well as this, they offer training for caterers, a variety of free publications and an abundance of simple vegetarian recipes and menu planners to assist all those who are interested.

They have a grant scheme for older vegetarians who need support. Their first major achievement with this was providing funding for a stair lift that enabled an elderly vegetarian lady to move out of care and back into her own home to live independently once more. Since then, they have awarded six further grants for assistance with relocation, a bath aid, vegetarian/vegan cookery courses for older people in Wales, a mobility scooter, a cooker and for fitting a downstairs shower room.

Many of us may have holistic care of older relatives on our minds. If any of the older members of your family are vegetarian or vegan, VFL could prove to be extremely useful if you’ll need to be considering moving them into a care home.

What you can do..

Membership is free, so please do sign up to become a member of Vegetarian for Life and help to promote their work.  Spread the word to your friends and family; maybe you know other people that would like to become members of this charity.  VFL are open for donations and assure us that the money goes directly to the improvement of their work and services. Consider making a monthly subscription to them or setting one up as a mindful gift for an older relative. It is also easy to give to this charity just by changing your search engine. Charities like this are doing great work and for all of us who also share their cruelty-free approach, it is important that we show some support for what they are doing as one day it could be any one of us in need of support.


Recipes: Beauty and the Feast

Selfridges are celebrating all definitions of beauty with their unprecedented May & June campaign, The Beauty Project.  In the Selfridges Food Hall the celebrations continue with Beauty and the Feast.  inSpiral, loved by all the Selfridges team for their vibrant healthy snacks, have been asked to create an independent team of registered* Nutritional Therapists to be on call for the event.  They will be available for FREE mini consultations and to answer all your questions about eating for beauty and your wellbeing goals. We have also created exclusive recipes for Beauty and the Fest, which we will post every week.

Read more about this event


– beauty is not just what you put on, but also what you put into your bodies –

We have designed some rawsome recipes exclusively for the campaign and this week our top choice is:

inSpiral Wasabi Crackits with:

  • Beetroot, Parsley, Hemp & Lime Dip
    as well as
  • Raw Sprouted Chickpea & Dill Hummus
    and a
  • Baobab Super Food Juice



Raw Sprouted Chickpea & Dill Hummus

230g sprouted chickpeas

juice of 1 lemon

handful of chopped fresh dill

1 tbsp tahini

2 garlic cloves

pinch of Himalayan Salt

water to desired consistency



Blend all ingredients together, adding water gradually to create desired texture and consistency.

Garnish with hemp seeds and parsley and enjoy with inSpiral Wasabi Crackits.


Beetroot, Parsley, Hemp & Lime Dip

1 medium beetroot

juice of 1 lime

3 tbsp hemp seeds

2 large handfuls of fresh parsley

pinch of Himalayan Salt

a little dash of water



Blend all ingredients together, adding water gradually to create desired texture and consistency.

Garnish with hemp seeds and parsley and enjoy with inSpiral Wasabi Crackits.


Baobab Super Food Juice

3 carrots

1 celery stick

1 tsp inSpiral Baobab Powder

thumb sized piece of fresh turmeric

juice of 1 ½ oranges

juice of ½ lime


You can visit the inSpiral team of independent *registered Nutritional Therapists in Selfridges Food Hall in May and June on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 – 6pm.  They are giving free mini consultations and can take you around the food hall discussing foods to eat and well-being tips.

Read more:
#beautyandthefeast #beautyproject

*Members of BANT and registered with CNHC



inSpiral wins ‘Best promotional video winner of the year’ in the Crowdcube Awards


The Crowdcube Awards celebrate the best of British Entrepreneurship, showcasing a range of fantastic companies that hail from a wide range of industries.

Earlier in the year we worked with Crowdcube to secure £250 000 of funding for machinery that we urgently needed for our kale chips in order to increase our scale of production and to apply for organic certification.  We met our funding target in recordbreaking time, so fast that we were featured by national press The Sunday Times.  As a result of the people’s investment we have been able to:

  • reduce the price of our kale chips by over £1 per packet
  • move over into fully compostable packaging
  • open up to allow our community to invest in us and become a more significant part of inSpiral and our future
  • obtain organic certification
  • and in 2014 you will see our products on the market in several high street stores.



All in all 2013 has been a pretty awesome year.

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