Almond Crackits

These delicious raw crackers are made from 100% natural, organic ingredients, such as almonds, flax & chia seeds – activated (soaked in pure filtered water) to break down enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, for ultimate digestion & absorbtion. They are then blended with vegetables and tonic herbs that have been used traditionally around the world for their health benefits. Unlike regular grain-based crackers, they are not baked at high temperatures, but are gently air-dried using low heat (45°C) for 36 hours. This ensures the ingredients remain as close as possible to the way nature intended, as well as preserving their characteristic flavour notes and giving these crackers their unique texture. Highly satisfying – each cracker goes a long way to relieve appetite!

Winner of a Great Taste Award 2012 gold star, these delightful Crackits have been described by Kate Magic, the EU’s leading raw food expert as “amazing – best raw crackers I have had in the UK”

inSpiral Raw Crackits, Organic

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