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You have landed in our virtual shop where you will find some of our funkiest organic raw vegan creations - all lovingly produced in our solar-powered London factory and eco-packaged for home delivery across the globe

inSpiral's Health & Nutrition online shop: inSpiral Kale Chips, Granola Bites, Crackits, Superfoods and much, much more - organic, vegan, raw, gluten free!

The inSpiral ethos has always been about wholesome and compassionate, healthy, plant-based nutrition that tastes amazing. We love this world and its inhabitants and our food choices reflect this. Everything we produce and sell on here comes with the intent to nourish you deeply and sustainably, whilst giving you a taste of just how good life can be. . . We believe food is much more than just fuel; it forms the very basis of a complete conscious lifestyle choice in order to abundantly feed the body, mind and spirit.

As well as offering all our own-brand healthy, organic, raw, vegan snacks and superfoods on the inSpiral online shop, we're also constantly scouring the market to share with you the best visionary finds out there for living your life, eating for vitality and following your bliss! inSpiral has fully qualified nutritionists that have helped put together the ultimate catalogue of awesomeness for helping you to fully live, eat, sleep and breathe the conscious lifestyle.

We also love to hear from like-minded individuals, so do get in touch should you wish to chat about anything you find on our wonderful online shop! All products are vegan friendly, whilst being organic and gluten-free wherever possible so this really does make them suitable for everyone! Being a visionary company, inSpiral like to stay ahead of the market and we relish any opportunity to bring you tomorrow's best products, right now! Why should we wait to live the life we want?

Our immediate vision is to make inSpiral Visionary Products available to people throughout this land and beyond, via speedy home delivery. We believe passionately that a wholefood plant-based diet is the solution to many of our serious global problems such as human disease, animal suffering and the environment.

Enjoy your shopping, thanks for visiting and keep in touch!

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