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organic • natural • vegan • gluten free • GMO free • no added cane sugar • no MSG or artificial additives •

Our Woman’s Mix Power Blend is a supportive mix with goji berry, maca, shatavari, ashwaganda, chaga & 9 other plants for women. An uplifting, replenishing mix of 14 plant powders used across the globe to support women’s specific needs (but also suitable for men!) With the natural sweetness of beetroot, yacon, goji & maca, this mix enhances any juice or smoothie ritual!

Perfect for travelling as it combines many superfoods / herbs together for convenience. This particular mix is ideal for everyday use. Suitable for women of all ages (also men).

Serving Suggestion

1-3 tsp, well-blended into 300ml of juice, shake or smoothie. Use daily for optimal benefit.


  • beetroot*(25%)
  • palmyra blossom nectar*
  • goji berry*(14%)
  • maca*(9%)
  • ashwaganda* (6%)
  • wheatgrass*
  • chlorella*
  • chaga mushroom*(3%)
  • shatavari* (3%)
  • rhodiola*
  • mucuna*
  • reishi mushroom extract 10:1*
  • kelp*
  • chuchuhuasi
  • nothing else.

*99% of ingredients are organic.

Storage: store in a cool, dry place and carefully re-seal once opened.

Minimum weight 100g℮

Disclaimer: This has not been safety-tested for children, or during pregnancy / breast feeding so we recommend you seek approval from your medical practitioner / herbalist before use. Consume as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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