Compostable Packs

Snack Packaging for our Future

compostable-header– 100% compostable packaging
– disintegrates in landfill or water
– co-design by inSpiral
– sustainably sourced materials
– world first innovation
– made possible by our passion

Available from our shop and good food shops across the UK

inSpiral create ‘world-first’ eco pack
compostable-headerWhen researching environmentally friendly packaging options for our next generation products we simply were not willing to take NO for an answer so we persisted until we found partners who were willing to embarked on a collaborative venture to create bespoke material, using NatureFlex(tm) as the base. The result has been described by Innovia, a global leader in the field of food grade packaging, as a ‘world-first’ environmentally friendly consumer material. inSpiral have raised the industry bar and taken the slogan ‘don’t let your packaging materials cost the earth’ to a whole new level of play.

In the past we used recycled plastic for our kale chips but were concerned that, despite their recyclability, many of these containers would end up in landfill. Our new packaging comes from compostable, non-genetically modified wood pulp; cultivated using low impact methods from a sustainably managed hardwood plantation of Eucalyptus treed. Add biodegradable glue, nature-based inks and 100% renewable electricity and the result is truly one of a kind.

We worked with National Flexible, a dynamic, innovative, British packaging company, as well as Innovia, the producers of NatureFlex TM to achieve this. Their film was already certified to European standards of compostability and uses a unique, natural heat-seal resin to offer a great barrier against oxygen and moisture.

However, we needed to go beyond the current applications of this film. We needed a final material with strength to hold our ambient, long life products, as well as the aesthetics for a modern, inspirational brand.

The way forward emerged to be to laminate the film with a layer of compostable paper. We used a unique, biodegradable glue to seal the two fabrics together. The glue was difficult to secure and these materials had not been combined before. The venture certainly wasn’t easy! “It was a joint process” says Mark Thompson, of National Flexible. “inSpiral had high environmental goals and targets and didn’t want to compromise. It was a project with a lot complexity and tough demands”.

Compostable packaging still has some way to go so we are continuing to partner with organisations around the world to overcome the last hurdles. Right now we are working on compostable pouches for our superfoods and improving the existing film as it sadly doesn’t work yet for all types of products we produce.

For now you can enjoy our classic range of kale chips with the added feel good factor of ecologically-sound design.

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