RECIPE: Beetroot Houmous


What better way to celebrate Spring and National Vegetarian Week than with this vibrant beetroot houmous recipe. Packed full of flavour from the different herbs and spices and served with crushed pistachios for an extra crunch, this recipe certainly puts ordinary houmous to shame! (more…)

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Green Gas: A Revolution From Grass


When people talk about using ‘Green Energy’ they often really mean they have a source of green electricity.  However most houses use BOTH gas and electricity.  Today it is easy and affordable to have a 100% renewable electricity supply, but what about gas? When you turn on your central heating or your gas cooker, you’re… Read More

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RECIPE: Cacao Chia Cookies


Nutritional Benefits of Raw Cacao: “Raw cacao powder contains around 130mg of magnesium per 100g. Magnesium is needed for healthy bones and teeth (it’s not all about calcium). It is also required for recovering from tiredness and fatigue, supporting healthy energy levels and for the health of the nervous system. So anyone living a full and busy… Read More

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RECIPE: Cauliflower Hot Chocolate

healthy hot chocolate, cauliflower hot chocolate, raw cacao, inSpiral, cacao nibs, coconut sugar

This healthy hot chocolate recipe is an unusual take on a traditional hot chocolate and may seem strange to some, but is the perfect winter warming drink to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s also a great way to sneak some extra veggies into your diet, whilst making the hot chocolate extra creamy. Cauliflower is incredibly versatile and contains an… Read More

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Gluten and Leaky Gut – The Link


The hottest health questions of the year – ‘Is my gut leaky? How leaky? How can I tell? And what does gluten have to do with it all? (more…)

RECIPE: Spooky Spirulina Smoothie

Inspiral Spirulina Smoothie Halloween

With a colour that’s bound to get you in the festive Halloween spirit, give our spooky spirulina smoothie recipe a try this October. Superfoods are not only incredibly good for your health, but the phytonutrients they contain also work wonderfully as natural food colouring. The spirulina in this terrifying smoothie gives it it’s vibrant, ghoulish colour without the… Read More

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RECIPE: Healthy Halloween Superfood Monsters

Inspiral Hemp Marzipan Monsters

With Halloween coming up we thought we’d share with you this fun recipe for the perfect spooky sweet treat. These healthy Halloween superfood monsters are made using raw vegan hemp marzipan!  They get their naturally vibrant colouring from plant pigments, phytonutrients, in raw & organic superfood powders such as Acai and Spirulina (more…)

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Dairy-Free 101


As awareness about nutrition, environmental issues and animal welfare gains more momentum, so too does the number of people choosing to go dairy-free. This could be for ethical reasons, lactose intolerance or purely for their own health gains. Either way, the evidence for dairy not being as good for us as we once thought it… Read More

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RECIPE: Macadamia Nut Cheese


Any newly converted vegan will tell you about their struggles with giving up cheese. Dairy-free replacements in the shops just don’t seem to cut it and nothing we eat gives quite the same hearty satisfaction as cheese. But it needn’t be such a struggle – there are a plethora of nut-cheeses you can make at home… Read More

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Showing support for elderly vegetarians


It can be a difficult world for any vegetarian or vegan, especially if not in central London, but it can only get more challenging with age. Currently, there are no fully vegetarian care homes in the UK and a serious neglect for vegetarians exists within care homes. At first, this might not seem like such… Read More

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Get to Know inSpiral’s Bar Manager, Gee


When Gee isn’t running the Lounge bar, you might find him meditating, studying domestic renewable energy or mastering a fighter jet simulator. Arriving from Mauritius off the coast of Africa 10 years ago, Gee came to the Lounge in 2008 and played a pivotal role in inSpiral’s evolution. We wanted to talk to Gee to find out a little more about his life and… Read More

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