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Bringing together organic raw vegan health products, an optimum nutrition vegan café (running on green energy) and an uplifting music / art / events venue with organic bar…

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Love your Life . Eat for Vitality . Follow your Bliss

The inSpiral Lounge is a multi award-winning vegan eco-café, organic bar and events venue, complete with an online shop and healthy food manufacturing sister company, inSpiral Visionary products – most well-known for their incredibly popular Kale Chips!

Overlooking the famous Camden Lock waterside in London, the inSpiral Lounge café has won the accolade of ‘vegan restaurant of the year’. Cutting edge optimum nutrition products with both cooked and raw daily specials, a huge variety of raw ice creams and cakes, plus eclectic music events and nutrition talks makes our space a real hub for the ‘aware’ people around town! As you would by now probably expect, it’s all powered by green electricity too – that’s also true for our Visionary Products office HQ and food production warehouse!

In a nutshell, inSpiral’s focus is on wholesome and compassionate, plant-based nutrition that tastes amazing. We love this world and its inhabitants and our food choices reflect this. Everything we produce comes with the intent to nourish you deeply and sustainably, whilst giving you a taste of just how good life can be. . . We believe food is much more than just fuel; it forms the very basis of a complete conscious lifestyle choice in order to abundantly feed the body, mind and spirit.

Our immediate vision is to make inSpiral Visionary Products available to people throughout this land and beyond through our online shop and outlets across the globe. We aim to develop cool new foods, work with producers at source and create a business chain that benefits all who are concerned.

We are passionate about creating a powerful brand that does not compromise for profit and can stand tall next to other big players in this increasingly commodified food market. We believe passionately that a wholefood plant-based diet is the solution to many of our serious global problems such as human disease, animal suffering and the environment.

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