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Bringing together our own range of organic, raw, vegan & gluten-free health foods and a vibrant online shop with the best available healthy brands. As of 6th January 2016 we no longer run a cafe or events

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Love your Life . Eat for Vitality . Follow your Bliss

We started out as inSpiral Lounge (now closed) – a multi award-winning vegan eco-café, organic bar and events venue in Camden. We now run an online shop and healthy food manufacturing company, inSpiral Visionary Products – most well-known for the incredibly popular Raw Kale Chips!

In a nutshell, our focus is on plant-based nutrition that tastes amazing. We love this world and its inhabitants and our food choices reflect this. Everything we produce comes with the intent to nourish you deeply and sustainably, whilst giving you a taste of just how yummy healthy eating can be. . . Food is much more than just fuel; it forms the very basis of a complete conscious lifestyle choice.

Our immediate vision is to keep on developing cool new healthy foods as well as create products for other like-minded companies wanting to reach the evolving healthy eating people.

We believe passionately that a wholefood plant-based diet is the solution to many of our serious global problems such as human disease, animal suffering and environmental problems.

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